Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles itsh
26 - 28.8.2015
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Belgium Pavilion - Fedustria vzw
Professional in producing fabrics for woven, velvet and suede application with backing, laminations and fire retardant properties.
link Fedustria vzw (Booth: 4.1H27)
link Global Textile Alliance (Booth: 4.1H29)
link Libeco-Lagae (Booth: 4.1G26)
link Symphony Mills (Booth: 4.1H31)
link Ter Molst International (Booth: 4.1H33)
Belgium Pavilion – Fedustria vzw
India Pavilion - Handloom Export Promotion Council
“India Handloom Brand” with the uniqueness of 100% cotton and handloom in rugs, bath mats, throws, shawls.
link Handloom Export Promotion Council (Booth: 4.1B67)
link Chinar International (Booth: 4.1A67)
link Design Collection (Booth: 4.1B69)
link Dhingra Exports (Booth: 4.1A66)
link Fair Exports (Booth: 4.1A71)
link H S Exports (Booth: 4.1A68)
link House of Incas (Booth: 4.1A73)
link Pamposh International (Booth: 4.1A69)
link SAS Exports (Booth: 4.1A70)
link Sheeltex (India) (Booth: 4.1A65)
link Sun Beam Shawls (Booth: 4.1B71)
India Pavilion – Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC)
Korea Pavilion - KFTA & KOTRA
Specialises in fashionable microfiber fabrics, polyester blanket and curtain fabrics.
link KFTA (Booth: 4.1H52)
link KOTRA (Booth: 4.1H52)
link Createx Inc (Booth: 4.1J41)
link Dongjae Corporation (Booth: 4.1H50)
link Gold Star (Booth: 4.1J45)
link Insung Hitech (Booth: 4.1H44)
link Nanocis (Booth: 4.1H42)
link Nuri textile (Booth: 4.1J43)
link Sangwon Textile (Booth: 4.1H46)
link The Home Textile (Booth: 4.1H48)
Korea Pavilion - Korea Fashion Textile Association & KOTRA
Morocco Pavilion – Maroc Export
Specialise in cutting-edge designer fabrics, prints and weaves in a dazzling array of colors and textures for upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains and more.
link Maroc Export (Booth: 4.1C41)
link Atretis (Booth: 4.1C59)
link Loucham (Booth: 4.1F79)
link PIF (Booth: 4.1C41)
link Vasco (Booth: 4.1F79)
link Velvetex (Booth: 4.1C59)
Morocco Pavilion – Maroc Export
Pakistan Pavilion – Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
Features comfortable bed sheets produced by 100% combed & carded cotton or bamboo cotton.
link Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (Booth: 4.1F07)
link Afroze Textile Industries (Booth: 4.1C04)
link Al Falah Textiles (Booth: 4.1C07)
link Aviva enterprises (Booth: 3L14)
link Bari Mills (Booth: 4.1C05)
link Feroze 1888 Mills (Booth: 4.1F09)
link Hamdan Traders (Booth: 3L13)
link MK Sons (Booth: 4.1F05)
link Stampede (Booth: 3L10)
Pakistan Pavilion – Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)
Taiwan Pavilion – Taiwan Textile Federation
Showcases eco-friendly fabrics and yarn with features of anti-fouling, anti-ultraviolet, black-out, fire-retardant, fireproof, water repellent and more.
link Taiwan Textile Federation (Booth: 4.1B77)
link Taiwan Weaving Industry Association (Booth: 4.1B77)
link Amiti JC Textile (Booth: 4.1B75)
link Eva Fong Shades (Booth: 4.1B76)
link Full Color (Booth: 4.1A72)
link Home Link Furniture Fabrics (Booth: 4.1C71)
link Lealea Enterprise (Booth: 4.1C77)
link Li Peng Enterprise (Booth: 4.1C77)
link Maxland Home Textile Industrial (Booth: 4.1B72)
link Taiwan Textile Research Institute (Booth: 4.1A76)
link Vanttex International (Booth: 4.1B73)
link Vida International Textile (Booth: 4.1B79)
link Yee Saint Enterprise (Booth: 4.1C75)
Taiwan Pavilion – Taiwan Textile Federation

Turkey Pavilion – Uludag Textile Exporters' Association
Showcases full range of home textile fine products and upholstery fabrics of high quality, original design and eco-friendly technologies.
link Uludag Textile Exporters' Association (UTIB) (Booth: 4.1G68)
link Ahmet Sabuncular Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G56)
link Akarca Tekstil (Booth: 4.1H41)
link Aleran Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G55)
link Any Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G53)
link Asanteks Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G54)
link Aydin Tekstil (Booth: 4.1F42)
link Bezmez Ev Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G60)
link Boyteks Tekstil (Booth: 4.1F54)
link Dina/ Vanelli Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G41)
link E T G Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G47)
link Epengle Tekstil (Booth: 4.1H47)
link Gokhan Tekstil (Booth: 4.1H53)
link Kucukcalik Tekstil (Booth: 4.1F56)
link Luks Kadife (Booth: 4.1F68)
link Mink Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G67)
link Santeks Iplik (Booth: 4.1H55)
link Tanriverdi Mensucat (Booth: 4.1G42)
link Yakar Tekstil (Booth: 4.1G48)
Turkey Pavilion – Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB)

Haining Pavilion - Hall 5.2
Well-known as a home textiles production base, presenting their specialty - jacquard fabrics.
link Haining Xinshixin (Booth: 5.1K95)
link Haining Surtex (Booth: 5.1K79)
link Huahaifangzhi (Booth: 5.1A01)
link Haining Boka (Booth: 5.1C06)
link Haining Qianbaihui (Booth: 5.1F86)
link Haining Jinbaili (Booth: 5.1F79)
link Zhejiang Hexin (Booth: 5.1F31)
link Haining Harmel (Booth: 5.1F59)
link Zhe Jiang Maya (Booth: 5.1F51)
link Moka Textile (Booth: 5.1A17)
link Zhejiang Minhui (Booth: 5.1F65)
link Zhejiang Shengli (Booth: 5.1K51)
Shaoxing Pavilion - Hall 3
Showcases fine curtains, window screening fabrics and related accessories.
link Zhejiang Huaxin (Booth: 3F41)
link Shaoxing Zejing (Booth: 3F51)
link Shaoxing Zhaofeng (Booth: 3F63)
link Shaoxing Qige (Booth: 3F55)
link Shaoxing Roce (Booth: 3C41)
Tongxiang Pavilion – Hall 6.2
Displays extensive coverage for sofa upholstery.
link Tongxiang Ouya Fabric Art (Booth: 6.2F42)
link Zhejiang Feifan (Booth: 6.2F31)
link Zhejiang Aumerry (Booth: 6.2F10)
link Zhejiang Tonghui (Booth: 6.2F02)
link Tongxiang City Hongcheng Century (Booth: 6.2C02)
link Tongxiang Meico (Booth: 6.2F18)
link Tongxiang Wendao (Booth: 6.2C35)
link Tongxiang Yaya (Booth: 6.2C37)
link Tongxiang Zhihua (Booth: 6.2A37)
link Zhejiang Sunrise (Booth: 6.2F67)
Yuhang Pavilion – Hall 6.1
Leading home textile industry base, featuring the full range of decorative fabrics.
link Hangzhou Mamba Mai (Hongkong MBM) (Booth: 5.1K27)
link Hightex (Booth: 5.1F70)
link Hangzhou Foress (Booth: 5.1C52)
link Safetex Mills (Booth: 5.1F56)
link Hangzhou Biya (Booth: 5.1A65)
link Zhejiang Huachen (Booth: 5.1C46)
link Hangzhou Chinasia (Booth: 5.1F46)
link Hangzhou Yashiju (Booth: 5.1C66)
link Hangzhou Kelida (Booth: 5.1F66)
link Hangzhou Aico (Booth: 5.1F32)