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Pianos and keyboards
Feurich Klavier-U. Fluegelfabrikation GmbH
FEURICH piano company in Germany manufactures for more than 160 years and in 5th generation outstanding handmade pianos. FEURICH pianos are well-known and appreciated worldwide.
Booth number: E1D16, G27
Grotrian Piano Company GmbH
The Concert Royal is truly an "orchestra grand piano" handmade by Grotrian Piano Company GmbH in Braunschweig, Germany. Its fullness of sound creates an unexpected experience.
Booth number: E1D18
Helmut Abel GmbH
Hammer heads for grand and upright pianos, action parts and repair service.
Booth number: E1D24

Qingdao Sejung Musical Instrument Co Ltd
Booth number: E1D12
Otto Heuss Klaviaturen GmbH
Manufacturer of Piano and organ keyboards.
Booth number: E1D22

Samick Bechstein Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Made In Indonesia, tapered premium grade spruce Soundboard. Vacuum process iron plate frame, German FFW hammer, ebony black keyboard, brass caster. A superior quality piano depends on designs, materials and technologies.
Booth number: E1D25
Steinway Piano (Shanghai) Co Ltd
The tiger eye. Mysterious and exotic like the magnificent beast for which it is named, conjuring up the infinite richness of Nature. The Tiger Eye by Steinway & Sons. Crafted in the distinctive wood of the Indian apple tree, its subtle reddish sheen accentuated by a natural rhythm of darker stripes. A bright ember of eternity, a radiant high-light for generations.
Booth number: E1A12
Stringed instruments

First launch in Asia

ARCUS / Bernd Muesing
The Arcus bows are the first bows that make full use of the fantastic potential of carbon fibers: lighter, stronger, more resonant but also more comfortable than any bow before.
Booth number: E3E17

Galli Musical Strings s.r.l
Electric and bass strings designed for players that use drop tunings. The Dtuned is the heaviest string for this genre.
Booth number: E2E15
Hagen Weise e.K.
Master workshop for bowed string instruments. Hagen Weise, Master of Violin Maker, makes violins, violas and cellos of the highest quality at Bubenreuth, heart of the german violin making.
Booth number: E2F19
Stringed instruments and bows, electric guitars and basses.
Booth number: E2F27

Marusan Hashimoto Co Ltd
Hand working accounts for large portion of the traditional manufacturing process of our silk strings. We will offer silken strings for Chinese traditional instruments. Their lingering sound is outstanding.
Booth number: E2C15
Shen's Musical Instruments Co Ltd
Violin, viola, cello and bass.
Booth number: E2D01

Siang Guitars
All McCartney guitars are perfect reproduction of famous vintage guitars. Are you interested in vintage guitars? Come to McCartney, you will get what you are looking for.
Booth number: W2D81
Sound of Cremona S.r.l.
Three lines: Master Instruments - extremely amazing good instruments superbly handmade from the master himself; Macchi Line - excellent handmade instruments made in Cremona; Entry line "Scala Perfetta" - German made, varnished and set up in Cremona.
Booth number: E2D26
Tadioli Maurizio
Maker and restorer of fine violins, viola and cellos.
Booth number: E2D20
Booth number: E2C12
Sheet music
Baerenreiter-Verlag Karl Voetterle GmbH & Co. KG
Combining the latest in musicological research together with an excellent layout and high quality printing. Bärenreiter is the first choice for scholars and musicians alike.
Booth number: E3D20

Breitkopf & Haertel
Breitkopf & Haertel, founded 1719 in Leipzig, is the world's oldest music publishing house and still today's one of the most important publishing houses for classical music.
Booth number: E3D16

First launch in Asia

Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag
David Geringas impressingly arranged the famous "7 Songs" for violoncello and piano. These high-quality arrangement will soon be part of the repertoire of many interpreters.
Booth number: E3E25
HAGE Musikverlag GmbH + Co. KG
Musicpublishing, sheetmusic, songbooks, You Rock Guitar.
Booth number: E3E13
Hal Leonard Corporation
Hal Leonard is the world's largest publisher of printed music and educational music. In its 200,000+ available publications, the company represents in print the most respected publishers, artists, songwriters and arrangers.
Booth number: E2D09

First launch in Asia
Schott Music
The comprehensive anthology of international piano music of the 20th century, selected by Fritz Emonts, the famous European piano teacher. More than 40 pieces for concerts and teaching (grade: intermediate).
Booth number: E3D22

Universal Edition A.G
This completely redesigned study scores series offers an unparalleled insight into the music of the 20th and 21st century. A must for every music lover.
Booth number: E2D37
Wind instruments
Aidis Flute & Musical Instrument Co.
Our ambition is to make flutes innovating, inspirating and leave nothing to be desired.
Booth number: E3D21

Albest Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.
A saxophone can change your life what music totally, look for an instrument with great tradition for a new direction in music.
Booth number: E3D01
Elegance Audio & Musical Instrument Co.
Hong Kong
"Shadow", nickel silver body, black nickel plated body, silver plated keys.
Booth number: E3B24
Fratelli Patricola snc
Handmade Oboes and Clarinets
Booth number: E3C25
Guo Musical Instruments Co
G.M.I.C., maker of high quality precision flutes is now seeking distributors in your area. Please contact us with the following email address: trade@guoflute.com
Booth number: E3C20
Lien Cheng Saxophone Co Ltd
We design and develop A-701 model with Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan for the latest advanced technology to improve connection stick and better sound quality and new mechanical structure.
Booth number: E3C16

First launch in Asia
Lorico, Inc
Lorico, Inc is a professional manufacturer of "Lorico" brand saxophone, clarinet, flute, piccolo, accessories, etc. The quality of our products is highly praised in the world.
Booth number: E3C23
Music Center SPA
Founded in 1974 by Luciano Pisoni, Music Center Factory is located in Trento - North Italy.
Booth number: E3A25
Nadir Ibrahimoglu e.k
Dave Guardala finest saxophone mouthpieces. Since 2006 Dave Guardala mouthpieces are made in Germany on the newest generation of CNC Machines Lt handfinished or handmade by Nadir Ibrahimoglu.
Booth number: E3E21

Projection Co Ltd
AIZEN researched very finest vintage saxophones and mouthpieces in 1950's and recreated their unique sound and superb playability. Over 4000 users playing AIZEN in Japan, Europe, and USA.
Booth number: E3C11

Tenon Industrial Co Ltd
Rib Construction, Lacquer Finish, Red Brass Body (92% Copper), Luxuriant Flowers Engraving, Pisoni Pro Pads, Blue Steel Springs, Metal Thumb Rest, W/5pcs Adjustable Screws, Double Arms On C,B,Bb.
Booth number: E3E22
The Clarke Tinwhistle Co Ltd
United Kingdom
The original tinwhistle. The favorite music instrument of distinguished tinwhistle player since 1843. The Clarke Tinwhistle can be considered the Stardivarious of tinwhistle.
Booth number: E3B27
Top Kinstar Int'l Co Ltd
We design and manufacture the saxophone since 1980. To match with the top musicians around the world, we understand what the good quality instruments are made of.
Booth number: E3D23
Percussion instruments

Buffalo Instrument Enterprise Co Ltd
C16-F81, A=442HZ, Hand-Select keyboard, brilliant Voice
Booth number: E3D19
Hau Sheng Wooden Instrument Co Ltd
The world's widest octave range marimba, from A13-F81.
Booth number: E3C12

Haiyun Musical Instruments Manufacture Co Ltd
The most popular 5 shells drum kits with powder coated lugs.
Booth number: W3E48
Ming Musical Instrument Enterprise Co Ltd
Booth number: W3E40
Panland Trinidad & Tobago Limited
Panmakers to the World
Booth number: W3D02

First launch in Asia
Peace Musical Co Ltd
Peace's top-of-the-line package kit, the DNA series resides at the crossroads of rugged and handsome, where professional quality meets affordability.
Booth number: W3D48

Reliance International Corp.
<Matrix> Inspired from the movie "The Matrix". Dixon's new Artisan series finish "Matrix" showcased asymmetrical vertical paint strips reflecting complex endless data that organically falls on the drum shell. The irregularity of the patterns resembles ROCKER's free will and passion for drumming. Each shell is individually handcrafted for its own unique character.

Antigua "Pro-one" saxophone is a newly designed saxophone by the Antigua team and Peter Ponzol - the world-renowned saxophonist and instrument designer. The key features of the new Antigua "Pro One" include a neck with the custom designed angle for free-blowing, which produces lightning quick response, precise intonation, balanced resistance and even tone quality. Other special features include: "hybrid rolled tone hole" and "patent-pending adjustable Trident™ key arms", giving "Pro-One" a unique and definite status in the saxophone world.
Booth number: W3D32
Tycoon Music Co Ltd
Tycoon's Acrylic Cajon is an innovative product featuring crystal-clear acrylic body with a solid Makah Burl front plate. Projects superior bass tones and ultra-sharp slap notes, this product is available in clear acrylic, neon green, royal blue, and cherry red. A must-see instrument for any percussionist!
Booth number: W3E02
Electric and electronic instruments

Acton Audio & Musical Instruments (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Powerful Valvetronix Multi Effect Pedal, perfect for live performances. Combined with Classic & Modern.
Booth number: NW401

First launch in Asia

Avian Guitars Ltd
United Kingdom
High end American designed electric guitars and hand wired amplification equipment made in China under US and English supervision and quality control.
Booth number: W2C30
Guitarcube Audio & Musical Co. China
Menacingly small, easily recognisable, this aggressive little amp comes with a mind-blowing sound which combines the Shape control of the Thunder series with the weight and size of the monster Terror family.
Booth number: W2G39, W2G47

First launch in Asia
JD Acoustic Pte Ltd
Specifically developed to treat acoustic problems without destroying a room's ambience.
Booth number: W2C15
Magic Parts Co.
Components and parts for electric guitar amplifiers, such as tubes, sockets and retainers, spring reverbs.
Booth number: W1G19
Professional guitar, guitar material, guitar design.
Booth number: W2A91
Olympia Musical Instrument Strings
Olympia musical instrument stings & accessories.
Booth number: W2F30

First launch in Asia

Swiff Technology Co Ltd
A new fashion design with all functions meter/tuning/pitch 3 in 1.
Booth number: E3C21

Shanghai TeamJet Trading Co Ltd
The Malibu Series MB-1 slightly reduced body size makes it lighter and more manageable on those extended club sets. It also features a good finish, fast action and Grover machine heads. The Corsiar CR-1 PJ bass features Mahogany body, maple neck, PJ style pick-up which is very suitable for beginner.
Booth number: W2E48

TEAC Corporation
TASCAM's DR-05 & DR-07MK2 Portable Digital Recorders bring high-resolution recording to a compact and affordable package.
Booth number: W2D17
Eikosha Musical Instrument Co Inc
World's No.1 metronome
Booth number: E1A13

Hana Corporation
P-EG20L Color Series is a fashionable item for you. The attitude colours will satisfy your needs.
Booth number: W2G36

Hanxiang Technology Co Ltd
Hong Kong
This PU texture coated case is Hanxiang's new style, featured young and fashion.
Booth number: E2C23
Karl Klier & Co. Holzimport - Griffbretterzeugung
Ebony for fingerboards and string instrument accessories, piano keys. Blackwood for Clarinets, Oboes, Flutes and Piccolo. Maple for bassoons and Rosewood for guitars.
Booth number: E2F21

LC Corporation
Aircell Pad + Neoprene Combined. No Pain / No sweat on the player's neck.
Booth number: E3C28

Wei I Plastics Co Ltd
Fine removable top piano pencil sharpener
Booth number: E3C18
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