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PLSG18 embraces technological convergence
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PLSG18 embraces technological convergence
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The global pro AV market is experiencing great momentum with a projected growth of USD 178 billion in 2016 to USD 230 billion by 2022.* This represents vast opportunities for China as it constitutes the second largest share in the AV industry.
This growth is fuelled by China's 13th Five-Year Plan, which promotes the convergence of information technologies, digitisation, applications of internet connectivity and smart technologies.
*Source: AVIXA 2017 AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis
Explore the possibilities of technological convergence at Prolight + Sound Guangzhou
Explore the possibilities of technological convergence at PLSG18
As the pro AV and IT industry continues to undergo a paradigm shift driven by technological convergence, integrated solutions applied in audio, lighting, KTV, communication and conferencing have become the mainstream. Numerous technology verticals, including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (loT), systems engineering, system integration, automation & control, convergent technology and media control will also make bigger inroads into the entertainment industry.
Capitalise on this industry shift by demonstrating your innovations here!
Put your business at the forefront of booming markets
Put your business at the forefront of booming markets
Communication & conferencing
As the local government is placing more emphasis on cost optimisation, convenience and clarity in real-time communication for trainings and meetings, there will be stronger demand for improved conference systems, networks and AV & communication systems.
Karaoke and home theatres
The demand for multi-functional karaoke rooms and mini theatres is growing at a staggering rate as consumers start pursuing a personalised entertainment experience. The "Theatre K. Pub" at PLSG18 will be an ideal area for you to showcase customised installations, high-quality karaoke systems and karaoke kiosks.
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